Fan deck sample books

Aquarine’s sample chart

A project of Laminated wood for Aquarine

Client goals

Aquarine is a French manufacturer of bathroom furniture. From the designer sink to the whirlpool tub, you have everything you need to create and design a bathroom.Aquarine offers the possibility to customize the bathroom with the look of each one in the design of furniture and a range of showers and accessories very special.Aquarine asks CeGe to create a special tool for its sales and marketing team based on a sample letter that reproduces the final result as faithfully as possible, without having to include real product samples.

TECNIcart® Solution

A study of colors and textures is carried out that culminates with the production of a sample chart with TECNIcart technology. The colors and textures are practically the same as the real samples, in a much more flexible, attractive format and at much lower costs.Thanks to this innovative technology we can produce samplers with great reliability, in a much shorter time frame and with much more adjusted costs than other technologies.
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