Fan deck sample books

Sample of Edfan microcements

A project of Microcements for Edfan

Client goals

This manufacturer of microcements traditionally made samples with real pieces, which implied high costs and the difficulty of making significant quantities.We requested a project to replace these catalogs with others made with our technology. 

TECNIcart® Solution

From TECNIcart we have managed to produce a microcement catalog that reproduces the texture with great fidelity, and thanks to its lower cost and its lighter weight it has become a much more powerful commercial material. 
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Catalogues have experienced a transformation. They used to be books with real samples coated in microcement, which required lots of work and costly materials, resources, labour, etc. So we decided it was time for a change, and we realised that we could make printed samples that accurately reflect the colour and texture features of materials.We are very satisfied with the TECNIcart solution because its technology economises time, work and resources, and lets us provide our clients with accurate samples in real colours with hyperrealistic texture imitations.

Candela García - Communication & Marketing EDFAN - Buenos Aires