Fan deck sample books

Sample of laminate parquets for Leroy Merlin

A project of Laminated wood for Leroy Merlin

Client goals

Leroy Merlin has an offer of more than 100 laminate parquet flooring in its stores, with different shades of colors, textures, etc. Your customers can see the entire offer in the store, but many would like to be able to take a sample to their homes to compare between several options on site and finally decide. So far, the only option was to deliver (with a high cost) a piece of wood, which is also heavy.

TECNIcart® Solution

Thanks to our innovative and exclusive technology TECNIcart, we have reproduced on paper, with total fidelity, the colors and textures of each product of the range of parquets. The other side includes the Leroy Merlin brand, the concrete model and the EAN code, as well as the characteristics of the product, the placement and its accreditations.Customers, if they wish, can take home, with complete comfort and at a very low cost (€ 1 per piece), all the samples they want to evaluate them in the real context or to share opinions with their family or decorator.Each store has a catalog with 112 references and an exhibitor with the samples so that customers can select the ones they want to take with them.As a result, Leroy Merlin improves its service to customers and creates a differential in the purchase process compared to other stores in a very competitive product in prices.And all this by reducing the space needed to store samples in stores, as well as costs related to logistics and shipments.
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