Ceramics and synthetic materials

There used to be only one way to accurately show how your ceramic flooring, wall coverings or  synthetic materials with non-uniform colours looked: by making a sample book using real pieces presented in folders, displays, or any medium that could support a material of that weight, volume and rigidity. This requires a great deal of time and money, makes it impossible to show an entire collection in a single sample book, and is expensive to pack and ship due to the fragility of the pieces. TECNIcart gives your sample books maximum colour and texture accuracy without having to make them with real product samples.


Real appearance and feel of materials in terms of colour and texture, reproducing finishes (shiny, matte, etc.) and the texture of each product: smooth, embossed, granulated, with grouting, etc.

System based on graphic printing, so there are no restrictions on the creativity and design.

Much shorter production times.

Lightweight sample books can present the entire range and vastly reduce shipping costs.

Costs and production times are much lower than for sample books that use real pieces, making them effective sales tools.