There used to be only one way to accurately show decorators, architects or consumers how your parquet looked: by making sample books with real pieces of wood.

This requires a great deal of production time and money, makes it impossible to present an entire collection in a single sample book, and is very expensive to ship. TECNIcart gives your sample books maximum colour and texture accuracy without having to make them with real product samples.


Real appearance and feel of materials in terms of a product’s colour and effects: shine, gloss, matte, etc., as well as its texture (raindrops, knots, grains, etc.).

System based on graphic printing, so there are no restrictions on the creativity and design.

More cost-effective, accurate and easy to use.

Lightweight: drastic reduction in shipping costs.

Sample books can be updated without having to reprint them entirely.

Much lighter keyrings that can present the entire range.

Sales effectiveness: with lower costs and production times than traditional processes, more sample books can be produced for sales teams and points of sales, each campaign can come out on time, and new markets and channels can be reached (fairs, mailings, etc.).

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